Brian Lewis, Chef

Fifteen years ago Brian Lewis moved to Seattle,WA and started his culinary career. He traveled all over the United States working as a chef, learning different cooking techniques and discovering different styles of food.  Chef Lewis was able to incorporate all of his experiences to create an innovative style of food preparation and presentation.

After leaving the Seattle culinary scene after nine years and made his way down to Los Angeles. He worked in an International kitchen creating food for locals and world travelers alike.  Working with chefs from a variety of regions, he learned how to create dishes from India, Malaysia, China, Japan, Turkey, the Philippines and many other countries.

In addition, Chef Lewis started a supper club in L.A. which utilized local ingredients from farmers markets and was held in a variety of unique venues.  The supper club was a success and continued until his departure from the west coast.

In late 2014 he returned to the east coast.  Chef Lewis was born and raised in Connecticut and he is happy to be back in the northeast where he is surrounded by family and friends.



2190 Broad St.

Pawtuxet Village

Cranston, RI 02905